Management Team

Management Team of Kinetix Exploration Limited

With over 25 years of experience in the petroleum industry across the globe, Mr. Kelly joined Kinetix Exploration Limited in 2011 to act directly in the capacity as Chief Operating Officer of what was then a small company with a minor stake in oil production in Hokkaido. Since that time Mr. Kelly and the other members of our team have seen our company grow to encompass operations in five countries across Asia with a number of highly beneficial partnerships achieved in lucrative recovery ventures.

Mr. Onogi is Kinetix Exploration Limited’s Petroleum Exploration Manager in charge of overseeing all aspects of our day to day search for oil and gas deposits throughout the Asian region. He has held senior positions coordinating exploration and recovery efforts for a number of the world’s most well-known energy companies including ConocoPhillips, Nippon Oil and PETRONAS before joining us at our inception in 2011.

Mr. Yamazaki brings to Kinetix Exploration Limited nearly 20 years of experience of dealings with a wide variety of international energy companies and corporate finance providers while holding a number of senior positions for large multinational companies operating in Japan. A member of the International Petroleum negotiators Association, he is the architect of Kinetix Exploration Limited’s expansion into South East Asia.

Mr. Turner has been involved in all aspects of large scale oil and gas projects for over 30 years, supervising construction and operations of refinery and rig infrastructure across Africa and Asia for companies including Royal Dutch Shell and Horizon. James joined the Kinetix Exploration Limited Team in 2012 and is currently overseeing our efforts in Myanmar.

Mr. Fahmey has spent 22 years employed in the oil and gas industry since graduating from the Suez Canal University of Egypt as a Petroleum Engineer. During that time he has worked for a number of multinational oil and gas companies in the Middle East and Asia including Total, Apache and Chevron before taking up his position as Drilling Manager at Kinetix Exploration Limited in 2012.